dimanche 4 mars 2012

Grand Momo, part. 2

J'ai enfin mis la main sur le 45 tours de "Bois ton café il va être froid" de la pétulante Rosette et j'en suis très heureux. Enfin ai-je pu entendre la face B "La moitié de mon hamburger" à faire pâlir tout les parangons de la musique hypnagogique actuelle (Puro Instinct et consorts). Le voici ici spécialement pour vous. Je vous recommande vivement d'essayer de voir ses propres court-métrages comme "Rosette vole les voleurs" ou "Rosette vend des roses", ils sont sublimes.

samedi 3 mars 2012

My first trip in Great Britain

Well yes I've done my first trip in Great Britain last week. It was a kind of honeymoon with my girlfriend who offer me this travel. We were housed by a friend in London and we rent a room in a splendid hotel in Cambridge with unlimited breakfast. Listening to Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly and all the Ghost Box stuffs in an english train while watching at the landscapes is the perfect context to understand this music. I've been listening to the Beatles, Pink Floyd "piper", The Zombies odessey, BBC Radiophonic Workshop stuffs too.
 In Cambridge, on the right you can see the Anchor, a pub where I tasted my first fish&chips ever (ok i'm vegetarian but sometimes i fell for fish). This pub was the Syd Barrett favorite one, he goes there a lot, so i was really honoured to have a pint of guiness here. You can also see the punts on the river, the local sport apparently, I don't try it, they say it's difficult.

Grantchester Meadows on the bank of Cam River, where my hero Syd Barrett took his first acid trip.

I'm really fan of the architecture of the english churches.

 Me in front of the house where Syd was born.
 In London, on Delaware Road, this is where Delia, Daphne, John and the others made their sublime experimental works.
Hehe, do you recognize it ?